An Opportunity for Edinburgh Residents to Co-operatively Own Solar Panels

Benefit the community and reward yourself.

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Community Power

Watch this short video explaining how it works: Kindly produced by Friends of the Earth Scotland

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Project Update

Our 25 pre start visits are now completed. Our hosts have been welcoming, and even excited by the project. Our team has been Richard Wintney, project manager, Johanna Carrie representing the board, Paul Hogan from our installers Emtec or at least one of his colleagues, and Brian Roache , sometimes with one or more of his colleagues from the City of Edinburgh Council. Numbers of staff from our host buildings have varied depending on who is available. The purpose of these visits has been to discuss the details of the design for the PV panel installation, check the most appropriate area for the contractors ’compound’ and to hear the questions and concerns of the managers of our host buildings. It has been a valuable exercise, 25 visits and something new coming up at each one.

Now actual installations are taking place, with the plan being to have all done by mid September.

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Register your Interest

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Why Invest?

Click on the video to see what our members have to say about why they invested in a renewable energy co-op.

Benefits of renewable energy Why Renewables?

Renewable energy will never run out, does not produce carbon dioxide and is available to everyone regardless of their location.

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