Board of Directors

ECSC currently has a board that is best qualified to launch the Society, However we have a policy to form a gender balanced Board from the membership through the natural churn of Board Directors. Any member of the Society is welcome to apply to be a Board member (Please see our rules for further information).


Dr Richard Dixon, Director, Friends of the Earth Scotland

After a PhD in astrophysics and an energy and environment MSc at Glasgow Caledonian University, Richard worked for CSV and Strathclyde Regional Council and was appointed Head of Research at FoE Scotland in 1994.  Over 8 years he worked on issues as diverse as climate change, bathing beaches and fish farming.  He moved to become Head of Policy with WWF Scotland in 2002 and then took over as Director of WWF Scotland in July 2005 and continuing to work on energy and climate change issues.  Richard became Director of Friends of the Earth Scotland in early 2013.  He helped set up Transform Scotland and Stop Climate Chaos Scotland, and serves on the boards of Stop Climate Chaos Scotland, SNIFFER, Postcode Culture Trust and SEPA, and is Chair of the Edinburgh Community Solar Co-operative.

Margaret Johanna Carrie

Johanna has a first level degree in Zoology (2.1 Oxford), an MsC from Napier and a PhD from Glasgow.  She taught Science and Biology from 1960 to 2002, being Principal teacher of Biology at Portobello High School from 1974.  Johanna has been interested in sustainability since the 1970s and a supporter of various environmental organisations including Friends of the Earth,  WWF, RSPB and the Marine Conservation Society.  Johanna has installed solar thermal panels on her house in 1988 and PV panels since 2012.  In March 2014 she was elected to the Board of Harlaw Hydro.  She was also a board member of the Edinburgh Community Energy Co-operative until it was disbanded.  Johanna has been trained in giving energy advice to householders for a project run jointly by Transition Edinburgh South and Transition Edinburgh Pentlands.   In 2014 she added to this by taking the training provided by Changeworks to be a Heat Hero.

Dr David Hawkey

Dave Hawkey is a social science researcher at the University of Edinburgh. He is interested in governance and practice for sustainable energy and focuses particularly on interactions across scales, from local projects to European Union initiatives. His recent work has dealt with sustainable heat in cities, looking particularly at district heating (, and at patterns of local engagement across the UK. Integrated with his academic work, Dave has worked closely with groups of practitioners, including the UK District Energy Vanguards Network and the Scottish Heat Networks Partnership Practitioner Group.

 Councillor Lesley Hinds – Chair

Lesley Hinds first became a Councillor in 1984 and currently represents the Inverleith ward. She has held numerous positions in the Council, including Leader and Lord Provost. Lesley is a qualified primary school teacher. In addition, she is a past Chair of NHS Health Scotland,a member of Unite trade union, CND, the Co-op Party and Scotmid.
Lesley has extensive experience of board membership in a personal capacity, as well as representing the Council in numerous public and private sector organisations, such as Edinburgh’s Telford College, Pilton Partnership, Edinburgh’s Mela, Dance Base, Edinburgh Fairtrade City, One City Trust and the City of Literature. She is currently the Convener of the Transport, Infrastructure and
Environment Committee.

Dr Ian Fairlie – London

I’ve been an ECSC member for two years and have substantial financial investment in it. I think it’s an excellent initiative and wish to help it in a direct way. I believe renewable energy is the future for us all and particularly for Scotland and Edinburgh. Consequently, in line with the traditional FoE mantra, I’m thinking globally but acting locally.

I’m a scientist and a retired civil servant (DEFRA) with considerable administrative and political experience. I now act as consultant to environment NGOs, mostly pro-bono, often advising on the hazards of nuclear power.

Although I currently reside in London, my heart is really in Scotland. I’m Scottish born and bred with many friends and family in and near Edinburgh, and I regard it as my spiritual home. I intend to retire to Edinburgh later.

Drew Murphy

My interest in community energy has developed over 8 years working in the environmental sector at Changeworks. I currently manage a University of Edinburgh research project, which considers how smart technology can be used to reduce domestic energy use, and chair Changeworks’ Green Team. I am also studying for a masters in Carbon Management at the University of Edinburgh. I was excited to see ECSC come into fruition, having followed its progress for several years, thrilled to become a member, and privileged to now be part of the board. I hope to be able to work with the board and members to continue the development the co-op as an exemplar of urban community renewable energy, inspiring the people of Edinburgh and beyond.

Kate Studd

I have 15 years of programme and project management in the environment sector and have worked closely with project boards. So I have a good understanding of what is required to ensure a project remains accountable to its funders / shareholders and effective in delivering its goals. I also have experience of fundraising and reporting to funders, have designed processes to select sub-projects and supported groups to design and deliver projects.

I have a BA (Hons) Natural Sciences, MSc Conservation and PhD in participation in nature conservation. I recently left my job with RSPB as Programme Manager for the Inner Forth Landscape Initiative after having my second child. I oversaw the development and a year of delivery of the Initiative (which has 50 sub projects), secured £1.9m of Lottery funding and played a key role in building a strong partnership and governance system.

I live in central Edinburgh with my partner and two young children. Membership of the ECSC Board is an excellent opportunity for me to use the skills I have, to learn more about community energy projects, and to make a positive contribution to the city in which I live.

Councillor Steve Burgess

Steve Burgess studied biological sciences at Edinburgh University and after a PhD in molecular biology at Kent he returned to Edinburgh as a post-doctoral researcher at the Centre for HIV Research at Kings Buildings. Following an MSc in Environmental Studies at Strathclyde and working as a campaigner with Greenpeace in New Zealand, Steve was head of research for Green MSPs in the Scottish Parliament for 8 years. Steve was elected to City of Edinburgh Council in 2007 to represent Southside/Newington ward.

As Co-Convenor of the Green Group of Edinburgh Councillors, he represents the Greens on the Council’s overarching Policy & Strategy Committee. He is also speaker on environmental issues, including energy. As well as the Solar Co-op, he is on the board of Changeworks and more recently Energy for Edinburgh. Steve is married to Julita and they have two children. He enjoys playing the fiddle at pub sessions and also sailing and mountain walking.

Councillor Karen Doran – biography to follow

Councillor Lesley Macinnes – biography to follow