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We have collated a range of links to renewable energy educational resources. Please see below:

 An A5 flyer together which briefly describes the project

Edinburgh Solar Flyer

This fantastic resource “Energy Island” created by the City of Edinburgh is suitable for P6 and 7 or S1 or 2  and covers all renewable technologies.

Energy Island Information


Sites offering curricular resource

1.Education Scotland


Across the curriculum  

2. Scottish Schools Education Research Centre (SSERC)

Resources organised by subject for secondary and as ‘primary’ with sub divisions in that. There are a loads of material. CPD offered also. SSERC is a local authority shared service. Most independent schools also join. All teachers and support staff are members and as such can access health and safety information and email or telephone for help on effective, engaging, safe practical work.

3. Some resources on line, also offers of visits or interactive experiences

3 a. National Museum of Scotland Chambers Street Edinburgh  – Get Energised is a programme encouraging school pupils to explore, discover and understand renewable energy in Scotland.

The programme includes:

• Challenge Days for National Qualification Physics pupils
• Science Investigation Days for S1-3 pupils
• Magic Carpet session about weather for Nursery-P1 pupils
• Interactive STEM workshop for P5-7 pupils
• Training and support for teachers.

These will all be available during the 2016-17 academic year.

Below are some links from the Get Energised Secondary Teachers Handbook

Aquaret marine power

Danish Wind Industry Association

Energy statistics for Scotland

European Marine Energy Centre

Met Office Weather Data

Renewable UK (includes Renewable UK database of energy generation sites)

Whitelee Wind Farm (largest in Europe)

3b. The Solar Spark

Based at The University of Edinburgh in Scotland, The Solar Spark aims to spread the word about the potential of solar energy to significantly contribute to solving the world’s energy crisis. Our friendly volunteers are made up of solar researchers and science communicators with a passion for solar energy and the possibilities it presents! Web site has experiments for home and school. Volunteers for hands-on outreach may be able to visit schools, or see our events page for future activities planned for local science festivals.

3cGlasgow Science Centre

Our Future.Energy is an interactive website that engages 11-16 year olds in a debate on our future energy supply – how our demand for energy can be met reliably, at an acceptable economic and environmental cost. Visitors to the website will discover the science underpinning the critical issues related to energy supply and equip them with the knowledge to form their own views around the energy trilemma.
The website also encourages young people to pursue an exciting and rewarding career in the energy sector by nurturing an interest in the core science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM subjects).

3d. Eco Schools Scotland

Resources and checklists across all 7 elements with energy and sustainability included. Aim is for schools to develop their own action plans based on their own audit of one or more elements.

4. Links to other electricity generation sites

Harlaw Hydro
 UK wide
 Delta Tidal Wales
On line activities
Model of going fossil free Global Calculator  simulation to see what actions could markedly reduce carbon dioxide emissions Adult / secondary
 Interactive game Mysusthouse Upper Primary

5. Online activities

5a Model of going fossil free Global Calculator  simulation to see what actions could markedly reduce carbon dioxide emissions Adult / secondary
5b. Interactive game Mysusthouse  Upper Primary


6. Some information about electricity units

6a. What can a kW ( killo watt ) do ?
A typical immersion heater will use more energy and be on longer than your kettle. Most immersion heaters use 3kW per hour. This looks small compared with the electricity generated on our host buildings. 300kW will let 100 houses each have an immersion heater on for an hour

6b.Instructions for making and playing a card game ‘What’s a Killowatt hour good for?’ Some calculation required by players. If the link fails just search for What’s a Kilowatt-hour Good For?

7. Examples of use in Maths and Life Skills

(In the long term hope examples of good practice to share will be here)
8.Examples of solar as inspiration for creative activities – technology, model building, and art work.


Solar powered invention by a Gylemuir pupil

Solar powered invention by a Gylemuir pupil

From Gylemuir, for Solar share launch Sept 2015

9. Links for information on Solar use as part of Global Citizenship

All these charities have school resources. Renewables are part of what they do; many are working with communities where there is no electricity grid.
Solar Aid
Practical Action – Schools  Practical Action – Energy

10.  Government Official Data 

This official data can be used to show schoolchildren that they are part of a UK success story. Click on the link above and download the excel file by clicking on the “Solar Photovoltaics Deployment ” link. A graph is available on the Highlights tab – please see example below.

11. Keep Scotland Beautiful, which manages the Climate Challenge Fund, also provides resources for ECO schools. Some interesting case studies.