Highlights of our Approach

ECSC has engaged the services of Energy4All, a not-for-profit social enterprise that helps community groups to develop, own and operate renewable energy co-operatives in the UK. Energy4All helped the Wey Valley Solar Co-operative in England to install nearly 240kW on school buildings in Hampshire.   Energy4All has applied its expertise to help ECSC.

ECSC plans to installed  up to 1.5MW of solar PV on 24 public buildings that have been investigated with the Council.  The buildings have been selected to provide good income generating capacity, on buildings spread all around the city and used regularly by communities.

The buildings benefit from a fixed electricity price for 20 years, investing members receive a reasonable return on investment while doing something positive to alleviate climate change, the Council gets a reduction in their carbon emission taxes and anyone in Edinburgh can benefit from the community fund