Who can apply?

Owners, managers, employees, user groups or representatives of users of a building that currently has ECSC solar panels installed on the roof (host buildings). You must include written approval from the responsible owners / managers of the building as part of your application.

How much can you apply for, and what can you spend it on?

You can submit an application for up to £3,000 for projects which will deliver benefits for the host building and its users, and meet the objectives of the ECSC (listed below). Ideas for the types of project you could deliver, and possible delivery partners are listed in Section 3. We encourage innovative and creative approaches to achieve carbon savings, sustainability and behaviour change. You can use the ECSC Community Benefit Fund as matchfunding towards a bigger project, as long as the project contributes towards the Fund’s objectives.

What are the ECSC’s objectives for the fund?

  • Helping make host buildings more sustainable
  • Supporting initiatives which have the most significant carbon savings impact
  • Helping alleviate fuel poverty amongst residents of Edinburgh
  • Encouraging behavioural change relating to sustainability
  • Relevant community benefit that show high levels of community support
  • Other community led energy reduction projects

What won’t we fund?

  • Projects or initiatives by individuals
  • Projects or initiatives delivering statutory services


The project must be started within 6 months of receiving the grant, and completed within 1 year.

Who delivers the project?

Projects must be developed and delivered by employees or users (e.g. pupils or parent groups) of the host buildings, with the prior approval of the building owners / managers. ECSC only provides the grant, we do not have the capacity to support project delivery. You can include partner organisations to help you deliver your project if you wish.

What do you need to do to access these funds?

Please submit a completed and signed application form by 1st December 2019, including a breakdown of the costs being requested, evidence of a bank account for your organisation, and a copy of last year’s accounts if relevant. Please send the application and any supporting documents to communitybenefit@edinburghsolar.coop.