Community Benefit Fund

NEW! The 2019 Community Benefit Fund is now open for applications! Grants will be awarded on a rolling basis until this year’s allocation has been spent, by the latest December 2019.


Please download the guidance and application form here or contact for more information.

UPDATE – AWARD OF ECSC Community Benefit Fund 2018/19

In February 2019 we were delighted to award the first tranche of grants under our Community Benefit Fund.

Congratulations go to:

Liberton Primary School who will receive £3000 toward their ‘Lighting up Play’ project to light up their school ‘Playbox’ and play area so children can play outside in the winter months.

Oaklands School who will receive £2750 towards ‘Oaklands Growing Sustainable Communities’, to promote awareness change towards sustainability / carbon reduction through community growing, meadows and interpretation activities.

Drumbrae Leisure Centre who will receive £2954 towards their Community Garden, in collaboration with their Active Communities Programme and Holiday camps.

Friends of Redhall School who will receive £1840 towards Redhall School Garden, to improve their school grounds for wildlife, teaching and environmental education.

We’re looking forward to seeing how they get on!

About the Fund

The Community Benefit Fund for ECSC Host Buildings must be used to deliver projects which meet the co-operative’s objectives:

  • Help make host buildings more sustainable
  • Support initiatives which have the most significant carbon savings impact
  • Help alleviate fuel poverty amongst residents of Edinburgh
  • Encourage behavioural change relating to sustainability
  • Relevant community benefit that show high levels of community support
  • Other community led energy reduction projects

Between 2018-2021, each of the 24 ECSC host buildings has the opportunity to apply to the ECSC Community Benefit Fund. Grants will be provided annually, with approx. 5-8 host buildings able to receive money each year. Applications will be open from October to December each year and funds allocated in January. If the fund is undersubscribed, host buildings may submit further applications in the last year of the Fund.

Who can apply?

Owners, managers, employees, user groups or representatives of users of a building that currently has ECSC solar panels installed on the roof (host buildings). You must include written approval from the responsible owners / managers of the building as part of your application.

How much can you apply for, and what can you spend it on?

You can submit an application for up to £3,000 for projects which will deliver benefits for the host building and its users, and meet the objectives of the ECSC (listed in the box above). Ideas for the types of project you could deliver, and possible delivery partners are listed in Section 3. We encourage innovative and creative approaches to achieve carbon savings, sustainability and behaviour change. You can use the ECSC Community Benefit Fund as matchfunding towards a bigger project, as long as the project contributes towards the Fund’s objectives.

What won’t we fund?

  • Projects or initiatives by individuals
  • Projects or initiatives delivering statutory services


The project must be started within 6 months of receiving the grant, and completed within 1 year.

What do you need to do to access these funds?

Please submit a completed and signed application form by 1st December 2019, including a breakdown of the costs being requested, and evidence of a bank account of your organisation, and a copy of last year’s accounts if relevant. Please send the application and any supporting documents to

For more information and a copy of the application form, please download this document here contact us on