Community Benefit Fund

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(Applications Now Open)

As part of its commitment to the people of Edinburgh, each year the Edinburgh Community Solar Co-operative assigns a portion of its proceeds to the Community Benefit Fund. Between 2018-2021, each of the 24 ECSC host buildings has the opportunity to apply for a grant from this fund for a project that matches the ECSC’s objectives of:

  • Helping make host buildings more sustainable
  • Supporting initiatives which have the most significant carbon savings impact
  • Helping alleviate fuel poverty amongst residents of Edinburgh
  • Encouraging behavioural change relating to sustainability
  • Relevant community benefit that show high levels of community support
  • Other community led energy reduction projects

Grants will be provided annually, with approx. 5-8 host buildings able to receive money each year.

If you are a user, owner, manager or employee of one of our 24 host buildings and think you have an interesting idea that might qualify, please consider applying – we might be able to help you make it happen.

For more information on the Community Benefit Fund, who qualifies and how you can apply, please see the pages listed in the “In This Section” box.