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Watch this short video explaining how it works: Kindly produced by Friends of the Earth Scotland

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Our 2019 Community Benefit Fund has launched!

This year’s fund is only open to those 24 buildings hosting our solar panels. Grants will be awarded on rolling basis until the allocated funds are used!  Click here for further information.

In 2015, 541 members raised £1.5 million to fund a programme of Solar PV on 24 roof tops across the city. Panels are located on top of community centres, schools and leisure facilities.

“Schools, community centres and sports halls are now creating clean, green electricity for themselves and for the wider community, in a project funded by local investors. This is the biggest scheme of its type in the UK and we would be delighted to see this kind of project spreading to other Scottish cities.” – Richard Dixon, Director, Friends of the Earth Scotland.

Our panels have a total installed capacity of 1,389 kW or 1.38 MW.

A total generation potential of 1,107,250 kWh per year, weather dependent of course !



Facts about the Co-op

Members icon541 members
Directors icon10 Directors, each of whom carry out roles that deliver specific support to the benefit of the Co-op
Management iconThe Board appointed Energy4All to carry out the day-to-day management & administration of the Co-op
Profits iconProfits from the co-op are distributed to community funds in the Edinburgh area
Production iconPanels have an installed capacity of 1.38MW generating 1,107,250KWh per year weather dependent of course

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Register your Interest

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