invested in

PV solar installations generating

of clean electricity for Edinburgh each year

of CO2 saved as of 2019

community projects supported through our Community Benefit Fund

of electricity generated used by the host buildings

Edinburgh Community Solar Co-operative owns and operates 24 solar panel installations throughout Edinburgh with a total generating capacity of 1.38MW. Our panels can be found on Edinburgh Council schools, community centres and leisure facilities. Each year we generate approximately 1.1GWh of clean, renewable electricity for these buildings and the wider grid. After providing a fixed return on our member’s investments, excess profits are invested in community projects throughout Edinburgh that promote sustainability and renewable energy.

“Schools, community centres and sports halls are now creating clean, green electricity for themselves and for the wider community, in a project funded by local investors. This is the biggest scheme of its type in the UK and we would be delighted to see this kind of project spreading to other Scottish cities.”

Dr Richard Dixon, Director, Friends of the Earth Scotland


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